A small oven in the old village of Bagnolo P.te, close to the wing and the bell Tower that are made of Luserna stone, a symbol and merit of this small territory.  Thus, in 1895 the Gerlero’s  Bakery was born., the artisanal laboratory of baking products devoid of hydrogenated greases, dyes, preservatives and chemical additives. The wisdom of goodness and genuineness. Piera and Adriano’s oven is a story of sweet passions, traditional recipes handed down with a touch of originality and inventiveness, scrupulous choice of raw materials, paying close attention to nutritional values. For many years On Paolo Massobrio’s  Critical  Guide, Piera’s and Adriano’s oven offers original recipes that are closely linked to the territory, such as the “Bagnolo’s  Losetta”, a delicious thin biscuit made with flour, eggs, lemon, honey and milk, named after its shape:  the characteristic stone that covers the roofs of the territory. Exclusive fat-free recipes and excellent breadsticks:  “ I rubatà ”  made with  water, flour and salt. In the products range,  the  “Losa of Pasta” is the last born :  a fresh pasta produced with the best flour and eggs at km 0;  always takes its name from the particular gray stone, to remember the tradition and the characteristic of  Bagnolo territory.